Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

In Uterus Sales Options and Custom Foals for Warmbloods of the Spotted Variety 


We at McKnight Equestrian Services love the Knabstrupper breed- It's versatility in a wide range of English disciplined sports, characteristically kind temperament, and high degree of trainability which make the breed an asset to amateur competitors and professionals alike.

The breed's wild spotted colors.... Just decorative icing on the already sweet cake!!!   

Ever since falling in love with the Knabstrupper breed and eventually acquiring our very first Knabbie  Fanfare de Bec KNN 2614, we're committed to further establishing and preserving this versatile spotted breed in which numbers are only around 150 here in North America!!!

To that end, we will be offering our quality mares through custom breeding options (similar to on-site breeding leases), embryo flushes, and the occasional in-utero sales option — you choose the bloodlines for the Knabstrupper foal you've always wanted!

This not only allows buyers a generally more affordable option than what is currently available but is also selective and responsible breeding at its very best!

As our herd grows, many of our Knabstrupper Mares will be available for riding lease to approved show homes. We only on occasion have any Knabbies already on the ground for sale, as we prefer to breed only after a reservation (unless it's a foal we plan on retaining for our program) in order to ensure that our foals having loving homes awaiting them after birth.

This site is dedicated specifically to our breeding efforts and our Custom Foal Program.
Please Check back often to follow our progress!

Site updated: 06/08/17

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