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Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

Embryos, In Uterus Sales Options, and Custom Foals for warmbloods of the spotted variety.


The Knight Equine breeding program is slowly growing it's Knabstrupper broodmare band.

More than just spotted warmbloods  — The Knabstrupper is a rare breed with a long & enduring history. 

Valued for their excellent temperaments, trainability, and stamina, these horses are versatile sport horses that make the breed an asset to amateur competitors and professionals alike. 

The breed's characteristic spots.... Just decorative icing on the already sweet cake!!!   

There are only a few hundred Knabstruppers reside in North America (US & Canada) and less than 2,500 Knabstruppers worldwide (there are about that number of Lipizzans in America alone).

To continue preservation efforts for this old & rare Danish breed and to further establish the breed's  presence in America, we are offering our mares to the public through our embryo program.  

This not only allows the buyer a typically more affordable option, but is also selective & responsible breeding at its very best — To ensure that our foals having loving homes awaiting them after birth, the majority of Knight Equine foals are bred either through embryo purchase or with the intention of retaining them as breeding stock.

Though we will rarely have a wide selection of riding age Knabstruppers for sale, as our herd grows, many of our Knabstrupper Mares will be available for riding lease to approved competitors. We may also on occasionally have Knabstruppers already one the ground for sale and in-utero sales options will periodically come available. 

Please contact us if you are interested in the breed, our program, or in one of our horses!


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This site is dedicated specifically to our breeding efforts and our Embryo Transfer Program.
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