Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

In Uterus Sales Options and Custom Foals for warmbloods of the spotted variety.

Raleigh, NC

Breeding Options & Services

Knight Equine Mare + Stallion of your choice = Your CUSTOM FOAL

Don't settle for a foal with a lackluster pedigree and save yourself the money of buying an expensive, approved broodmare- this is your chance to create your own Knabstruppers bloodlines through customized in-utero breeding options or embryo flushes. 

As long as the resulting foal meets KNN breeding/registration requirements, we will breed any of our mares to any quality stallion (Knabstrupper or KNN Approved Outcross) that offers shipped semen. Just select from one of our quality mares, choose your stallion, and wait your Knabstrupper foal to arrive. 

These programs (more information below) were developed to make owning your own rare Knabstrupper as affordable and convenient as possible!

Feel free to contact us for suggestions on stallion suitability for any particular mare and be sure to check out our Reference Sires page.

Price is for embryo only- A successful flush is defined as an embryo successfully retrieved from the cycle and shipped. This price does not include board at the veterinary hospital during the breeding process (more economical than multiple farm calls), insemenation, or stallion fees. Customer contracts directly with the vet for ET services and is responsible for all communication with the vet. Buyer assumes all risks.
Embryo price is dependent on the mare chosen but are typically between $1,000-$2,500 per successful embryo retrieval.
(Please book before the start of the breeding season- deposit required to reserve.) 
Our 'Custom Foal' program works similiarly to an on-farm breeding lease. This price does not include the applicable stallion fees or the cost of insemination. After selecting your mare/stallion combo, we will then coordinate with the stallion owner/agent and vet to supervise the insemination, maintain the mare throughout pregnancy, and send the mare out for professional foaling. Buyer assumes responsiblity for foal after birth.
 Price is typically between $10,000-$15,000 due before the foal leaves the property- Payments available.
(Non refundable deposit due before insemination and required to reserve custom foal.)