Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

In Uterus Sales Options and Custom Foals for warmbloods of the spotted variety.

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  When you buy a 'Knight Equine' foal, you aren't just buying color or bloodlines, but a solid foundation of nutrition and handling as well.  Our Foals are turned out with the rest of the mares (colts are separated as they mature) to socialize, play, and learn acceptable herd behavior.  We don't confine them in stalls or overload them with training, but neither do leave our babies out to pasture in a large field untouched until it's time for them to be weaned, etc.  

  Our babies are consistently handled and exposed to new activities and experiences as they grow- making for sensible show partners even when very young.  They are taught to accept the halter, catch, be led, stand, handled for grooming, and manners for the vet/farrier.  Depending on timing/weather, they will have been bathed, worn a fly mask, and/or blanketed by the time they are weaned.  


  Foals are weaned at approximately 6 months of age and may have been presented to the KNN/RPSI for inspection by the time they are ready to go on to their new homes (depending on the year and grading sites available), which means your Knight Equine baby might also have early experiences that will further prepare them for their eventual careers, such as, basic in-hand training, braiding, clipping, and loading/trailering.

Foals of 2019

Foal Description:
Available for Embryo Flush and Custom Foal
 Fanfare de Bec
11/16ths bred Knabstrupper. COLOR GUARENTEED. 50% chance of being FEWSPOT. Foal will be ATHLETIC!!!
 Daquiri May von Kobold
  Colorado Skrødstrup