Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

In Uterus Sales Options and Custom Foals for warmbloods of the spotted variety.

Raleigh, NC

About Our Breeding Program

  In our search to find the 'perfect Knabbie' we realized how limited the selection was in the United States, and frequently we wished we could just take 'such and such mare' and breed it to 'so and so stallion' for the Knabstrupper foal that would fit our criteria and budget.

  Having acquired our 1st Knabstrupper in 2010, and yet another in 2016, we wish to do our part towards the continued preservation efforts for this old & rare Danish breed and to further establish the breed's  presence in America.  We personally love the bigger boned, Iberian influenced, & purebred Knabs with homozygous color genetics and will be breeding for those traits.  

  However, while we intend to retain the majority of foals bred by Knight Equine as future breeding stock, we do offer our KNN approved mares to the public through our custom breeding program (utilizing embryo flushes & recipient mares) at a price that in some cases is less than you would pay for that same foal already on the ground while giving you the ability to choose the bloodlines you are looking for (provided they meet KNN requirements).

  In-utero sales options will periodically come available on our sales page, while Knabstruppers already on the ground may on occasion come available through our past clients or from our own stock.


  Our mares are chosen for their pedigrees (avoiding Appaloosa bloodlines), conformation, temperament, and color/pattern.  They receive ample turnout (most are out and in a group 24/7) and are kept in good condition with a forage based diet and appropriate care for health.  During the last trimester, our mares are sent out to a foaling service, so that those rare cases of emergency can be handled promptly by a professional/veterinarian. In most cases, foals can be inspected before weaning and can receive that experience before joining their owner. Those that remain after weaning will continue on their education, eventually working and showing in-hand (utilizing obstacle course work).

  As our herd grows, many of our Knabstrupper mares will be available for riding lease, with special pricing and consideration given to approved competitors. 

Looking for long or short term breeding leases, mare/foal shares, & embryo flushes (flexible with terms).

Mares we are interested in:

  • Knabstruppers (no Appaloosa blood)
  • Trakehners (including Anglo- or part Arab)
  • Thoroughbreds (preferably graded with a warmblood registry)

Our Experience - We have a decade of experience in caring for horses implementing eclectic horsemanship principles (all based on empathetic care) in our handling. We are happy to send periodic updates, photos and even information about them and their offspring. 

Lessors are welcome to personally visit the farm and attest to the condition and care of both their horses as well as our own. 

Visitation Welcomed - We welcome sellers and lessors the opportunity to visit our farm prior to lease...we understand you want to be sure your horse will receive good care. 

Please contact us if you have a horse you feel we may be interested in.

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Our Mares

We are Proud Members of the KNN

All of our foals are bred in adherence to KNN guidelines and therefore will receive either KNN or Westfalen NA (Knabstrupper book) papers, but are also eligible for approval in the main book of both registries among others.