Knabtruppers of Knight Equine

In Uterus Sales Options and Custom Foals for warmbloods of the spotted variety.

Raleigh, NC


Due to the nature of our program we rarely have any horses already on-the-ground that are available for sale, however, all of our mares are available for custom embryo purchase to the (approved) stallion of your choice, and as our herd grows many of our horses will be available for riding lease.

Price Code:
A= $10,000- $15,000
B= $15,000- $20,000
C= $20,000- $30,000
D= $30,000+

Here at 'Knight Equine' we are dedicated to finding only the best homes for our horses. We believe in 'best fit' rather than top price (financing options are also available to eligible clients in certain circumstances). We encourage multiple visits, strive for honest advertising, and are happy to answer any questions you may have before your purchase, as well as throughout the ownership of your horse. Serious inquires only.

All sales are contracted with the right of first refusal. 

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any equine to any person or business based solely on our personal discretion.

2019 (Colorado Skrødstrup x Daquiry May von Kobold) Foal is available In-Utero

Daquiry is to be bred to Colorado Skrødstrup in the spring of 2018.  The resulting foal will be 11/16th bred (in the 4th generation) and will receive a full KNN passport (Westfalen NA's Knabstrupper book is also an option).  Guaranteed to carry the leopard gene with a 50% chance of also being whiteborn (i.e. homozygous- fewspot, fewcap, etc.) and will likely carry at least one PATN1 gene.  With a pedigree full of athletes paired with a high percentage of Knabstrupper blood, this foal will be an asset to the the competitive amateur looking to start from the ground with an equestrian partner, the sports horse breeder that wants to add Knabstrupper quality color to their breeding program . . . or both!!! 
Price Code: A (Please Inquire)

Fanfare de Bec is available for Embryo Flush & Custom Foal

Fanfare de Bec  is a fully approved KNN  (4/8 bred) Knabstrupper mare available to be bred to the stallion of your choice for embryo(s) shipped to the vet of your choice or transferred into a suitable recipient mare and kept at Knight Equine until weaning.  Her foals are eligible for a full passport with the KNN (or RPSI) when bred to any Knabstrupper stallion or traditional warmblood (Oldenburg, Trakehner, Hanoverian, etc.) that meets Knabstrupper breeding standards.  Fanfare is Lplp so she has a 50% chance of reproducing the Lp gene regardless of the stallion's color and is most likely homozygous for PATN1 like her sire. 

Fanfare was bred for the purpose of combined training so depending on the stallion her foal could go in any direction.

Embryo Flush Price: $1,750

Custom Foal Price: $15,000